Be a member of Abendi

• Up to 20% in certification exams (theoretical and practical) andpractical examination;
• Maintenance of the certification annuity;
• Abendi training (face-to-face and/or distance learning);
• For the registration on events promoted by Abendi;
• RAC - Records of certified auditors, at any level of certification.



• Training grants offered at OTR and Abendi (on-site and/or distance learning – EAD);
• Scholarships for certification (see regulation);
• Exclusive meeting room for the member at events held by Abendi and at the SNQC/NDT exams;
• Career guidance service - Solutions for the development of human capital - visit:;
•! - Partnership that provides members with job openings in Abendi website restricted access area.



Free Publications
• Six annual editions of Abendi Magazine (bimonthly);
• Abendi Annual Guide;
• DestaQC (quarterly newsletter on qualification and certification);
• Abendinews (blog with daily updates);
• Cordanews (quarterly bulletin with news on the area of Access By Rope).



Acess to the Abendi website restricted access area
• Technical consultation: answers to questions sent to;
• Disclosure of the relationship of current members and N3 N3 professionals;
• CV Database – members can post their résumés on our website;
• Vacant position bank for companies to announce new opportunities;
• Simulated questions to assist in the preparation for theoretical certification exams.



Commitees and Commissions
• Special discounts for commission members to attend Abendi events;
• Right to vote in decisions during commission meetings on matters that benefit companies;
• Indication of manufacturers and equipment providers to our customers;
• Lectures of general interest offered to Committee members;
• Participation of experts in events of third parties representing the interests of the Association and the Commission.



Abendi Recruiter
Program for Abendi members to recruit new members. Advantages are offered to those who aggregate more members.



Abendi Disseminator
The NDT Dissemination Program at Teaching Institutions has the purpose of disseminating NDT and inspection techniques through agents acting as panelists and through workshops in Brazil’s main



Homage to the Jubilee Member
The Jubilee represents the importance of the partner's membership with Abendi, which annually collaborates with the technological development of END activities. It is a celebration in which we honor the members and associated companies that remain in the Abendi board without interruption.



For Member Companies


Exclusivity and Benefits
• Inclusion of the registration data in the Abendi website;
• Opening of “Ex” for temporary reduction of Import Tax;
• Disclosure of company name in the Abendi magazine (member area);
• Disclosure of company services in the NDT/Annual Guide;
• Development of specific research projects;
• Availability of auditorium use at our headquarters for technical and/or commercial lectures.



Sponsoring Partner
If your company is a Sponsoring Partner, in addition to all the benefits above mentioned you will be able to promote your brand on all of Abendi communication materials: magazine, website, Abendinews blog, Abendi Annual Guide and in our events.



There are more than 6 thousand titles, among books, magazines and technical journals, congress records, DVDs and Technical Standards, both national and international.
Members have discounts on the purchase of any technical publication and Abendimania products!



Progressive discounts!
In addition to the mentioned benefits, the partner companies have exclusivity and benefits, such as:



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